Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The fairytale of fashion

Once upon a time, there was a 19 year old girl. She lived in Amsterdam, one of the greatest cities in the world. She loved dancing, singing and acting, but she also loved fashion. After highschool, she had to choose between the two. She auditioned to study at a lovely academy for musical theatre and she got in, so the choice had been made. She started her education and she loved the place. She loved everything about it, except for one minor detail: she missed her other passion: fashion. So she decided to start writing a fashion blog. To write about heels, bags, outfits, designers, and the art of fashion that brings al these fabulous things together, gave her the same feeling as singing and dancing did; just like magic. This is my personal fairytale of fashion. I'm sure you guys all have one.

These pictures (from my scrapbook) represent the fairytale of fashion for me, because they inspire me to dress up, in the most fabulous ways that I'm capable of, over and over again. This 'fairytale of fashion' brings some kind of magic into the world, for fahion is more than art, because we live our lives in it (stolen from 'The devil wears Prada,' but o so true).

I think I'll always love to dress up, because it makes me feel more feminine and pretty, but it also makes me feel more like myself. Fashion gives me a chance to express myself, and for you guys to express yourselves, and for the whole world to express itsself in more ways than words could ever describe. Fashion gives us the chance to show our personal styles to the entire world. And hey, you gotta have style (stolen from Diana Vreeland, but o so true).

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  1. This is really really lovely! That is pretty much the same reason I started up my blog too, to fulfill my passion in style and fashion :)
    I love your inspiration scrapbooks, the color schemes are quite nice and those YSL heels are gorgeous!

    hearts and hugs,

  2. Love your blog, follow mine please http://www.thedirtydollhouse.blogspot.com
    xoxo Daisy

  3. love your blog! your style is amazing!
    i follow you :)