Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter wonderland

Scarf in hair - H&M
Coat - Vintage
Sweater - Pour-Elle
Skirt - H&M Divided
Bag - Chanel
Wedges - New Look Limited Edition

Last week, Amsterdam had changed into a winter wonderland of snow and holiday spirit. By now the snow is long gone, but the spirit keeps on growing. I downloaded the Glee Christmas album (I LOVE Glee) and yesterday we trimmed our Christmas tree, it's gigantic and beautiful! But the best is yet to come: there's only one more week of school left before winter break starts!

This is going to be one hell of a Christmas. Next week I'm going to Paris and when I come back my best friend from London will be visiting Amsterdam. After that, there'll be lots of Christmas parties and NYE!
The best thing about Christmas is how it brings everyone home, right where they belong. That and the fact that everyone dresses up fabulously. I can't wait!

One more thing: I've joined Hypeed, the online fashion magazine. The little pink hearts you see next to every picture on my blog now, are links to add the pictures to your personal book of inspirations on Hypeed. If you're not a member of this site, you really should be, because it's pretty amazing! 

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  1. Very chic! :)

  2. i love your hair more than anything.
    i'd give anything for hair as thick as yours!
    gem xo

  3. LOVE this! The coat, wedges, and bag are all very gorgeous :) well who doesn't love Chanel? haha. Anyways, I think I've mentioned this before, but I love your hair. You really make me want to grow mine out (or get extensions!), have a great Sunday :)

    hearts and hugs,

  4. I have just found your blog thanks to Chicisimo :D
    I love your style and your massy hair are stunning, really!!

    I'm following you ;)

    Kisses from Florence

  5. Hele mooie outfit!

  6. thanks guys! you're all so sweet!