Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fun in the sun

Even though it's still winter, it seems like the dark days have passed. It sure is cold, but it feels like a new era.
All my big exams are over and they went quite well, which was one hell of a victory.

On the  fashion and blog front, things have been going quite well too. All the recent features have been amazing and so have your messages, comments, compliments and questions. Thanks guys!

Last week I decided I really had to get myself some new clothes, since the last shopping I did was for my NYE outfit, way too long ago, and a friend of mine found me this cute dress. It instantly made me feel like an urban Alice in wonderland.

Anyway, I wore this outfit, including the new dress, to a party on saturday. Like this it seems really inappropriate for the time of year, way too cold, but for the party it was just fine!

Coat - Gap
Dress - H&M
Shoes - New Look Limited Edition
Bag - Chanel
Sunglasses - Ray Ban


  1. Hola!!sigo tu blog desde hace tiempo, y ahora me he animado yo a hacer uno, y me gustaría que te pasaras y si te gusta que lo siguieras, un besazo!!!:)

  2. You look so pretty, your hair is gorgeous :) So glad your exams went well!

  3. waaaauw de tas en schoenen zo moooi! xx

  4. Brr, vind het geheel met jas aan nu ook mooier!

  5. Super! Ik ben helemaal weg van je schoenen! Leuk gestyled allemaal.

    xoxo Flavi

  6. lovely outfit and blog :) and your hair is really cute!

  7. amazing look!
    and i love your chanel :)

  8. Hele mooie outfit,
    wat een supermooie jas zeg!