Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let's go sleeveless

Hi guys!
I want to apologize for the lack of posts and especially the lack of responses you've had to cope with lately. I've been rehearsing at school for the final musical production of the school year and we're at school every day from 10 'till 10. No joke. Even though the show is going to be really awesome (it's called Into The Woods and it's about all kinds of fairy tales getting mixed up, for example; Cinderella's prince is sleeping with Rapunzel. I'm playing Little Red Riding Hood, which is a great character to play, thrilled about that!), times are pretty exhausting and intense these days. 
But after the 9th of June this will all be over and I'll be back!

For now a quick post! 
I bought this sleeveless denim jacket today and I don't think I'll take it off any time soon.

Hat - Vintage
Denim jacket - H&M Divided
White cropped top - Monki
Pants - Corel
Brogues - Fred de la Bretoniere


  1. You look amazing, and the play sounds awesome! lol wish I could see it
    Take care

  2. I have a denim vest and have been wondering how to style it! You just provided me with some classy inspiration!

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  4. Love your bag :)

  5. I can relate to your post, I am in school for hours and hours at a time. Its cool that your in a play I hope everything goes well.

  6. Ziet er echt leuk uit! Normaal ben ik niet zo voor die jeans vestjes maar het staat je echt geweldig

  7. Prachtig! Wat ben je een super mooie meid!!

  8. Super mooie fotos! leuke blog heb je.