Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nelly High Heels Event

Even though I know it's kind of ridiculous to post about an event that took place a week ago, I still wanted to post about the Nelly High Heels event that I helped set up last week, with a few other bloggers. It was a fun and very busy night with lots of fabulous high heels!
Pictures by me and Joyce

I'm sorry guys, for the lack of posts and responses, but everything's been so crazy lately. I had three musical theatre auditions this week (as an internship, we're supposed to get ourselves a roll in a professional musical theatre production) and it's been a rollercoaster of singing, dancing, excitement and stagefright. I'm still in the race for one of the shows though, I'll let you know how it ends :)


  1. Hee meis! Ik zou ook helpen in Amsterdam, maar toen kon ik niet dus ben uiteindelijk in Utrecht geweest! Maar wat toevallig! Snel even afspreken xx

  2. Had je me blog toch onthouden! Haha. Was super vorige week, jammer dat ik zo snel weer weg was, hoorde dat er nog cadeaubonnen werden weggegeven. Achja! Ik volg je!

  3. so cool!

  4. cool, musicals! leuk dat je erbij was, vind de schoenen van nelly heel gaaf!

  5. oeh i love nelly heels and i love your blog!