Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspiration: under African skies

At last this semester has come to an end. I've been completely caught up with all kinds of tests, shows and performances for the last month, and now it's all done. I'm exhausted, but I'm looking forward to the time that's ahead of me. There's going to be less work, much more fun and also more blogging. Also, the Grazia Insiders season is about to start. I went to the Grazia HQ yesterday for a photo shoot, which was great! I'll keep you posted about all this.

The weather here in Amsterdam has completely turned around. Last week it was sunny and warm, now it's rainy and cold again. We can only dream about summer for now, and what better way to do that than with this beautiful editorial from Harper's Bazaar :)
Pictures via Harper's Bazaar


  1. u're right, this editorial is awesome! really love the location and all photos look fab! x

  2. heel fijne sfeer: lief en toch pittig

    groetjes en ga zo door