Saturday, July 28, 2012



I've been pretty quiet lately, but my absence won't last much longer! I had to take care of some important things, but now everything has kind of fallen into place again. Something pretty amazing happened along the way: I've found myself an appartment (with two other girls) in the center of Amsterdam, in the '9 Streets' area to be exact, which is my favorite part of the city! I'm in the middle of moving as we speak, I'll show you the pictures of my new house soon, I'm so excited about this!
For now; my first Instagram diary! (I've been on Instagram (as lisarosalieostermann) for about a week and I love it! This is what you see in the pictures:

1. My new American Apparel shoes!
2. Summer days are finally here!
3. The best way to survive it all
4. The bedroom wall of my old appartment; a collection of my idols
5. Summer reading 
6. Road trip!
7. the Zanox Blogger Workshop; very informative and lovely fellow bloggers!
8. Creme Brulee, speaks for itself..
9. Tiramisu, same story..
10. A day at the beach, watching the sunset!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wat gaaf een apartment in de 9 straatjes! Leuke foto's! Ik ga je volgen op instagram! :) xx

  2. I want to see your apartment!
    I love instagram.. and you have a good eye for photographie. I specially like 2,3,4,6 ;)
    Come to visit my blog:

  3. Superleuke schoenen van American Apparel!
    Bedankt voor je reactie (:
    Liefs, Kiek.

  4. Love instagram and this photos looks great, I can't wait to see more of yours instagram diary :)